About us


In 1994
MAG Advertising was established
In 2000s
MAG developed as group of 6 agencies, specialized in integrated marketing communication services
Since 2010s
  • MAG develops as communication holding using synergy of:
  • Expert agencies in strategic communications


Since 1994
  • We develop BRANDS by Advertising
  • We focus on CREATIVENESS
In 2000s
  • We build up brands REPUTATION by Integrated marketing communications
  • We focus on EFFECTIVENESS
  • We reinforce project´s SOCIAL CAPITAL by enhancing its legitimacy.
  • We focus on UTILITY as generator, provider, moderator of INFLUENCE


In 1994
We were esteemed by branch
  • 10 awards from Bulgarian and International festivals
In 2000s
We were esteemed by market
  • Market share over 10%
  • 8 Clients´ long term contacts
We are esteemed by adherents
  • Constant growth of influence

Know How

To Generate

We know social change and know now to generate interactions
People are more aware, more active, and more powerful than ever before
The market is being driven by the value of the individualsand the availability of their network in the world
People have realized their virtual power has a global impact, and they are talking, sharing and acting accordingly

To Provide

We know communications and know how to provide relevance

To Inform

In the era of new media and social networks, the ways of influencing users are increasing proportionately

To Inegrate

To take a holistic approach to customers as multidimensional, values-driven people, even as potential collaborators

To Interact

Know how to demonstrate relevance to this interconnected, global community, to position brand as an attractor and collaborate successfully with customer-advocates

To Moderate

We know marketing tools and know how to moderate social needs

Product Centric

Customers do not buy product & service, but projects & ideas
They choose brands that satisfy their deeper social needs

Consumer Based

Companies must create, maintain and develop projects that inspire, include and reflect their customers´ values

Value Driven

Communications have to instill the values of company´s project directly to those who can invest energy and money in it

Why us?

Reinforce Influence

To Manage Legitimacy

We generate and provide content knowing what, where, when and how to be communicated

By Controlling Comminication Process

We moderate communication flow by own media, long term media partnerships, experts in social media and event management

To Achieve Social Capital

We reinforce people´s thoughts, believes and attitudes to idea, project, brand, organization, so that they protect, maintain, support and encourage its development


20 years experience in marketing and public communications
  • Creative concepts & solutions
  • Media planning & buying
  • Digital concepts & solutions
  • High-end PR services
  • Full scope BTL services



102 Bulgaria blvd.
BC Bellissimo, office 8-10
1680 Sofia, BULGARIA
+359 2 854 80 92